spiderman 2478977 640What can we learn from Narcissists?

At first glance, every reasonable mortal would probably spontaneously assert:


Anyway, nothing that is crowned somehow by interpersonal success and certainly not in a long run. But at second glance, there actually are a lot of things that You can learn.

Narcissus teaches us the perfect styling for every stage of life. Take, for example, this Hungarian violinist from the state theatre who is well known throughout the city. He has grown quite old by now, but is still of respectable figure. He enters even the swimming pool only dramaturgically carefully thought out: The conceivable tight fit of his signal red swimming trunks guarantee the undivided attention of all other bathers. Thanks to decades of disciplined practice, he can simulate the applause in his mind. No, the Narcissist never puts his light under the bushel!

  • A lot of people are rather reserved and prefer to hide in the second or third row. But, if You want to move forward in life, You cannot help but to follow one of the top rules: Always squeeze Yourself into the front row, even if You have to shove away someone if necessary.

  • When You attend a meeting, always raise Your hand at the right moment. Even if the speaker has not finished his sentence yet. In any case, before someone else does. Even if You do not even know what to say. In short, practice in impression management. Make great fanfare. Drop meaningful names and, if You have no idea what to do or say at all, just behave in a mysterious way.

  • If, contrary to all expectations, You make a mistake and anyone dares to mention it, never humble Yourself! Talk about a "regrettable misunderstanding". Thus You elegantly put the blame on Your opponent and accuse him at least a little bit of complicity, and if he has a spark of decency at all, he will keep his mouth shut in the future.

  • Are there any problems? Do it like the Narcissist. Ignore them. Someone will take care of that. Just sit it out. Let any criticism drip off Your shiny facade. Mindfulness and compassion? Softening tablets for sissies! As long as You do not notice nothing, no one can tell You anything.