rules Narcissists - 20 golden rules: 15 - 20

  1. Practice the patience of a saint, be accommodating without any restriction. Give everything. Signal submission in case of conflict. But be aware that You will never get out of the role of submission for the rest of Your life. Which is, however, amusing only for people who are seeking for combat relationships or at least a milder variant of sadomasochism.

  2. Take everything, including the thrill and the drama, but refuse persistently, to be shaken or hurt. Counter attacks sometimes work very well, but should be reserved for special occasions, so that their placement achieve the optimum effect and do not fizzle out due to frequent repetition. Use this weapon only if the Narcissus, for example, intends to leave You. Otherwise, keep composure. Counter with emotional coldness. Responds with demonstrative ennui.

  3. Always remember: Satisfaction of all kinds for Your own needs can also be found outside of Your relationship. However, pay attention at any rate! Maintain absolute discretion and strict secrecy, so that You do not offend Your Narcissist.

  4. Keep in mind: There is at least one good reason why You got involved with Your Narcissist or not yet separated from him. After all, a relationship with him certainly has specific advantages. So whenever You are unhappy just consider all the good things he gives You.

  5. If You came to the conclusion that You should change something in Your life just because a Narcissist criticized You, You have fallen into one of his most perfidious traps. Because whatever You do now, it is wrong anyway. Even if it is exactly what the Narcissist told You to do. Unfortunately everything You have done was completely wrong. No chance. In any case, You can only choose the right strategy if Narcissus is in a gracious mood. Even then, his benevolence usually lasts only a very short time.

  6. Existence, as You know it, is over. He will add Your distinctiveness to his own. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.